Terms & Conditions

The competition is open internationally to all photographers. The selection process for the exhibition places an emphasis on raw, engaging work of the highest quality.

All submissions will be reviewed by the organisers, curators and judges to ensure entries adhere to entry guidelines and terms and conditions. From the total pool of submissions, a selection will be made to exhibit in the IPF Photo Prize 2017, held at House of VansArches, 228-232 Station Approach Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8SW 4th-26th of May 2017.

The images selected for exhibition will be open for public viewing, and for sale (unless otherwise stipulated by entrant) at set prices. During the exhibition’s opening hours, the public will be able to vote in the People’s Choice Prize.

The set price for 11″ by 14″  prints will be £60.

70% of  sales (approx £26) will be passed on to artists for the sale of their work(s), minus a sales commission fee of 30% IPF (approx £11) and the print cost and vat approx £22.56

There are three prize categories:

  • Judge’s Panel 1st Place
  • Judge’s Panel 2nd Place
  • People’s Choice Award

The Photo Prize opens the IPF 2017 program and the Judge’s Panel prizes and the People’s Choice Award will be announced online on the 1st of June.


  • Online submission format: JPG
  • Each entrant may submit up to two (2) photographic files via the IPF Photo Prize 2017 online entry form: https://www.theprintspace.co.uk/thehub
  • Each submission filename must include your name, to the following format:
    Entry 1 = Firstname_Lastname.jpg
  • File set up – 8bit RGB and sized to 11″ by 14″ 300dpi
  • The submission phase will begin on Thursday 27 March and end at 5pm on Friday 24 April, 2017. Photos will not be accepted if submitted after this time.
  • Entry is FREE.
  • Entrants may submit a maximum of two (2) files for printing.
  • Due to the volume of submissions, in the case of two (2) entries being submitted we are unable to guarantee that both will printed for exhibition.
  • In the event that IPF decides against exhibiting entries, IPF is not obliged to enter into conversation regarding this with the entrant.
  • All decisions made by IPF are final.
  • The files submitted must be of a photographic nature (i.e., no scans of paintings / drawings / graphic design)
  • IPF endeavours to respect the preference selection of each entrant but reserves the right to use its discretion where necessary.
  • All Prints will be destroyed at the exhibition close on the 26th of May 2017
  • All prints will be printed 11″ by 14″ full bleed.