What is the IPF Photo Prize 2017?

The IPF 2017 Prize is the sixth iteration of the annual print exhibition and competition presented by Independent Photography Festival (IPF).

The exhibition will open the annual IPF program in London, UK and run for the duration of the festival: 4th–26th May, 2017. Based on last year’s count in Melbourne, approximately 800 opening night attendees and ~400 visitors over the weeks will view, vote on and purchase prints.

A panel of industry pros and photography legends form our Judges Panel, who will vote for their first-and second-favourite entries. A third set of prizes will go the People’s Choice Award winner – voted on by visitors to the exhibition and announced online 0n the 1st of June.

During the exhibition, the exhibited entries will be available for sale to any and all interested art buyers, enthusiasts and supporters.

Who can submit?

The IPF Photo Prize 2017 is open to photographers of all ages and classifications, worldwide.

What can I submit?

Submissions are to be photographic in nature: no work representing any other practice will be accepted or reviewed. All entries must be submitted in .JPG file with no compression. We require a minimum file size 11″ by 14″ and 300 dpi

What are the prizes for the IPF 2016 Photo Prize?

The prizes on offer across our three categories this year are as follows:

Judge’s Panel 1st Place

Judge’s Panel 2nd Place

People’s Choice Award

Who are the judges?

Our panel of industry pros:

How many images can I submit?

Entrants may submit up to two files.

Who’s printing my images, how and on what?

IPF Photo Prize 2016 will be printed by our sponsor The Printspace, the masterful Fine Art & Photo Printers based right here in London, UK

We’ll be printing archival fine art photo print(s) in one size – 11″ by 14″–  Matte on Fuji Crystal Archive

Do I have to enter two images?

Entrants are not obliged to submit two images if they do not wish to. One image is fine.

When’s the deadline for submissions?

All entries must be received by 5pm on 24th f April, 2017.

How much does it cost to enter?

It’s FREE!

How much will my submission be sold for?

In the interest of fairness across the large number of submissions we have received in the past, we have devised a pricing structure that is based on size – not subjective quality or taste .

  • All images are printed in 11″ by 14″ and will be sold for £60 (minus the print cost and vat £22.56) and the split is 70% (approx £26) artist and 30% ( approx £11) IPF

What happens if my submission is sold?

Print sale split £60 (minus the print cost and vat £22.56) and the split is 70% (approx £26) artist and 30% ( approx £11) IPF

What if I don’t want my work to be sold?

While we encourage entrants to make use of the opportunity to assist in financial solvency, we also respect all entrants’ rights to mark their work as Not For Sale (NFS).

Just write ‘Not For Sale (NFS)’ at the message box when sharing images  via The Hub: https://www.theprintspace.co.uk/thehub-home

Please note: Destroy policies still apply.

Where do I send my entry?

Don’t send anything – please use the online entry  found here: https://www.theprintspace.co.uk/thehub-home

What size does my image need to be?

You should be able to determine the image size and resolution of your image in photoshop. The numbers there need to be within the following range:

The minimum size and resolution of your image should be: 11″ by 14″ 300dpi flatten 8Bit RGB JPG

Do I need to set up my file or fiddle with document layout before uploading?

Not even. All file setup and document layout will be done by The Printspace.

How should I label my files?

Please ensure the filename(s) for your entry/entries include your first and last name, to the format shown in this example:

Entry 1: FirstnameLastname1.jpg

Can I submit RAW files?

No. All RAW files must be converted to submit .JPG only and comply with the file sizes stated.

My image is medium format – is that a problem?

Please crop your image to 11″ x 14″sizes. All prints are going to be printed full bleed.

How will I know if my submission will be shown?

We endeavour to show at least one (1) entry from each entrant, but this is not always possible.

Will my image be used in any other way?

IPF may use copies of your entry for promotion of IPF and internal use, primarily but not exclusively as supporting imagery in recaps and reviews of IPF 2017 and IPF Photo Prize 2017.

Photographs and documentation of your entry may appear in IPF press and third-party documentation of IPF, IPF 2017 and IPF Photo Prize 2017.

The entrant will always be credited where possible. Please note that although we provide photo credits to all third-party media, we have no control over whether they will run these credits.

All work remains the sole copyright of the entrant.