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4 months ago
Sun 13 Nov, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Various Artists

IPF Discussion: Access All Areas

Sun 13 Nov, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Schoolhouse Studios

During this discussion, we’re making space to examine the idea of accessibility in photography.

We’re taking our lead from the much vaunted, heavily repeated notion that, with the advent of camera phones and the like, “everyone is a photographer now”, and contrasting this democratic ideal against the reality of who has access to not only the hardware and softwares, but also the time, space, and other resources required to be a capital P “Photographer”. (That definition, in and of itself, is an ambiguous one, and one we’ll also look to examine critically.)

We’re following on from a key idea discussed in our 2015 discussion—For Love and/or Money—where it was suggested that an increase in accessibility to photographic devices, such as camera phones, has been a driving force behind the perceived saturation of photo/image making and, as a result, a devaluing of the practice at large.

While this is a contentious point (and not necessarily one that we’re looking to weigh in on or rehash this year), it left us at IPF wondering how much of the issue this sentiment really addresses, considering the idea of access to both camera phones and the avenues through which the images created on them can live, is largely informed by a “Western” perspective.

It’s this idea and sentiment that we’re using to inform the beginnings of this discussion.

We’re looking to do as much to address the ideas, feelings and realities involved when breaking this down to a discussion that also covers the intersections of gender, race, cultural heritage, sexuality, physical and mental ability, and class.

Helping us to dissect this topic, Atong Atem, Bella Capezio, Rita Therese and Greta Parry, will share their perspectives, opinions, and reactions with IPF host and local legend, Brodie Lancaster.

Complimentary refreshments will be provided by our good friends at Tiggy Café.

This event is gold coin entry, but RSVP is essential. Book your ticket here.