Leeds, United Kingdom

Village is an independent bookshop and gallery based in Leeds, UK, founded in 2012 by Benjamin Holmes and Joe Torr. We offer a curated selection of contemporary art, design, fashion and photography books and magazines. We also source self-published and small press zines from artists around the world. Our in-store gallery provides a platform for talented emerging photographers, illustrators and visual artists. Some of the artists we have worked with include Seba Kurtis, Peter Mitchell, Juno Calypso, Bryan Schutmaat and Kristine Jakobsen. In 2015, we launched Village Editions, our publishing house. We work closely with talented emerging photographers, artists and designers to produce unique contemporary photobooks and zines. Our first publication ‘Ukrainian Street Dogs’ is now out of print, and we are working on a number of exciting new projects to be announced soon.

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