The Social Studio

Melbourne, Australia

The Social Studio is a Not For Profit Social Enterprise based in Collingwood with the aim of using fashion and creativity as a vehicle to create employment and education opportunities for talented individuals from humanitarian migrant backgrounds.

Since their inception in 2009 they have launched a fashion label, digital fabric printing studio, cafe, formal training and collaborated with local and international designers.

The Social Studio fashion label offers limited-edition signature pieces, each woven with its own story. They design and manufacture high quality garments on-site using only reclaimed and up-cycled materials gathered from the local fashion industry: an ethos and practice of ‘remixed design’ that turns leftovers (trash) into contemporary collections (treasure).

The Social Studio is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia. Garments produced at The Social Studio are also sold in a number of retail outlets, including partner enterprises across Australia. See their website for details.

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