Melbourne, Australia

Talkshops, a Working Class Secret Service (W.C.S.S.)  Working Class Secret Services project is an event platform for established creatives to share knowledge with students, industry colleagues and aspiring creatives in a non-exclusive and very welcoming environment. The platform serves the creative community by inviting leaders who work in food, art, design, music, photography, brands and store owners to share insight into their craft.

Talkshops is an initiative designed for creatives and entrepreneurs from all walks of life to share ideas by housing and establishing a community with an event based platform running every 5-6 weeks. Every event is molded to tackle industry FAQ’s and personal hurdles experienced by creatives in an inclusive & inspirational environment. Talkshops invites Chefs, Painters, Designers, Musicians, Photographers and Business Operators from across australia who have gathered an audience and are now able to call their craft, their occupation.

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